«A sea story. – A triumph of the unconscious and the phenomenon of fluidity»

About Orlando Trip

ORLANDO TRIP is a cinematic concert about the Orlando myth: It centres on the journey of a young man who is appointed ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, crosses the Mediterranean twice and finally returns as a woman.

This story is told live in twelve songs based on lyrics by Anna Luca Poloni and narrative interludes. Video clips with scenic associations accompany the concert. Ariost’s Orlando Furioso and Virginia Woolf’s Orlando are godfathers. A sea story. A triumph of the unconscious and the phenomenon of fluidity.

Sea change, that’s what William Shakespeare calls fundamental changes: The seemingly secure order of sea and land, art and nature, home and foreign, man and woman, conscious and unconscious, life and death is abolished. In the midst of an era that elevates rigid boundaries to an omnipresent principle, ORLANDO TRIP sets a poetic counterpoint.

ORLANDO TRIP is sleek and opulent at the same time, and through its musical and cinematic storytelling, provides an international audience with sensory access to an iconic myth about metamorphosis, fluidity, crossing borders along the central metaphor of the sea.

«Jour de ma vie! From that day on we blank the past.»

About Fox On Ice

Fox On Ice is the label under which Anna Luca Poloni and Christian Mair operate in their joint artistic work between literature, music and performance.

Lyrics & Performance: Anna Luca Poloni

Music & Visuals: Christian Mair

Scientific Support: Wolfgang Müller-Funk

Produced by: wortwiege

«You know, stranger things sometimes happen to us. In the center of silence. In the middle of peace.»

«Marry a stranger. Commit a crime! Save a poor devil. Be back in time!»

Featured Video

Bright New Year!

«Change! His body revolts. His mind claims for change!»

What others say about Orlando Trip

«The sea, sometimes pouring onto you, sometimes touching gently to your heart, and sometimes going beyond you passing through your veins... "The voice" turning you into everything you could ever be...Great artistic performance that "robs us of our dreams" and "robs us of our life" by Fox on Ice; from words to all the worlds' stage!»
Asst. Prof. Dr. Civelekoglu Funda
Ege University, Izmir
«Orlando Trip is an inspiring intermedial celebration of Virginia Woolf, music, poetry, performance and photography. We loved it at Yasar University and higher education definitely needs much more of this! For students whose main creative engagement with great literature is mostly limited to writing dry academic essays about it, this passionate creative celebration was truly enlightening.»
Assist.Prof. (PhD) Jason Mark Ward
Yaşar University, Izmir
«Orlando trip shows in a graceful and at the same time consistent way that the definition of male and female stereotypes arises more from human imagination and society than corresponds to biological truth. Thanks to Anna and thanks to Christian for the transformatory support.»
Peter Gradwohl
Donauwelle, Wien

«Dimmi, capitano! Non posso lottare più? Non devo gridare più?»

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